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👋Deidcated to best team & best fan base in the world🔵🔴 💓I believe there's a little blue in the red of my blood🔵🔴 🙌Força Barça

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Amo vc minha nene❤ . . . . (Marquem a aine PFVR) . .

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OFFICIAL: Messi beats Ronaldo & Mane to 2018-19 UCL Forward of the Season with 12 goals & 3 assists 😎😎 Vamosss 😍

Yes i was against @neymarjr coming back to barça. Yes because it hurted so much 2 years ago when he suddenly left. We all thought he will continue till the end of his career at barça and will make the whole stadium dance. . . When he was gone, we struggled. Yes you gotta admit we struggled. Dembele, Coutinho, Griezmann, they all are the result of that Neymar-Move. We were at maximum risk. That's why i never wanted him to return. We all wanted Dembele to succeed here. But seeing Dembele's immaturity from the past 2 and half years? I want him to be on the loan somewhere just for the sake of learning things and learning responsibility of being at one of the biggest clubs in the world. He is 22 and aint a kid anymore. At 22 it is expected from a footballer to be mature enough and responisble. Guy really wants vacations and fortnite more then his fitness that was crucial for his career at barça. Injuries happen, thats real, thats nit dembouz's fault but his main problem is his attitude. Still want him to succeed here but Neymar is a better option as per now. Dembouz should learn things on loan. . . And about Neymar, as of reports, its looking that its really happening again. Yes, the shitt is real and maybe he'll be in blaugrana colours in few days. As long @leomessi wants it and as long this makes him happy. We want him back now. Forgiven. . . Welcome back @neymarjr

We dont hang out with rapists. Do we? . . BTW, it was a very beautiful thing i saw in football. If we talk in the means of sport and not in personal life then it is very good to see such big legends talk like this in public place😂

TB 💓 Its awesome when you realise that 21st century has been a very beneficial century for barça till now. We have been gifted such enormous figures in these years. 💪

⚠️ Squad list for Barcelona vs Valencia. . . ❗Messi out as Suarez made it to the squad. Both had same type of injury but different intensity. We hope to see Messi for few minutes vs Dortmund. Its unlikely that he'll play the whole match. Anyway there are some beautiful things in this squad👇 . . ❗See our no.31 guys. Our brilliant 16 years old player. Personally i think we should not put alot pressure on his young sholders that he is going to be next Messi. We all know there's not going to be any next Messi ever. But let's hope we see Ansu Fati in blaugrana colours for 2 more decades and see the best version of himself with pure La Masia DNA and consistency. He don't need to be anyone else. He just need to be best of himself. ❤ . . . . . . . . . #fcbarcelona #FCB #barcelona #spain #europe #england #football #soccer #Ansufati #Griezmann #Valencia #laliga #carlesperez #griezmann7 #Griezmann #LaLigaSantander #laliga #forcabarça #viscaelbarça #cules #blaugranas

You have my heart @ansufati What a treat to watch you dancing between pro's at this young age.✌ I missed a bit of Messi's career and i dont want to miss Ansu's career. I hope everything goes well with him and he stay responsible and consistent. - - A special thanks to @tikitakastyle ,lemme tell you why. @tikitakastyle made an analysis post on Ansu Fati when no one knew him during Neymar saga. From that day i was following this kid and im seeing with my eyes that @tikitakastyle made amazing and crazy analysis about him and his quality and his future. Unbelievable!😃 - - Half time at the camp Nou, Valencia down with 2-1 in the favour of Barça as our teen ager La Masia talent shines with a goal and an assist. - - - - - - #fcbarcelona #laliga #LaLigaSantander #Ansufati #tikitaka #tikitakastyle #Valencia #carlesperez #Griezmann #campnou #barcelona #europe #football #futbol #soccer #europeanfootball #lamasia #lamasiatalent

Today, on sunday, Messi trained back with the team. The recovery process is over and he's back in action in training. Just medical green light is left to be given. There is still a day before the team travel to the Germany for Champions league clash with Dortmund. - - Im sure he'll travel to germany with team but its not sure that he'll play few minutes or not. However, his presence with the team in germany is good for the high spirits of the team. Lets hope everything goes good from now on to the rest of the season.🙌🙌 - - - - #leomessi #lionelmessi #leomessi10 #leomessifans #Messi10 #messi #injury #injurynews #ChampionsLeague #dortmund #FCB #fcbarcelona #fcbarcelona_news

Here is the awaited squad list vs Dortmund. Happy that Messi made it to the squad and got medical green light. Tho, nothing is clear yet, whether @leomessi will get some minutes against Dortmund or not, its still a mystery. However, his presence alone is very important in this scenario, Team needed a leading figure, we dont want to crumble under pressure like the previous two years. 🙏🙏 - On the other hand, our second choice goalkeeper @netoomurara also got medical clarification, which is also good. We're expecting alot from him in the coming years.✌ - Overall, except Umtiti, the whole senior squad is included for CL away game. The addition of three Barça B players including our young sensation @ansufati is also a positive step. Hope they get the exposure they need.💪💪 Forever and always: Visça Barça🔵🔴 - - - - - - #FCB #fcbarcelona #ChampionsLeague #uefachampionsleague #dortmund #bvb #squadlist #leomessi #Germany🇩🇪 #spain #europe #europeanfootball #barcelonanews #fcbarcelona_news #Ansufati #forcabarça

My man has nee ambitions for the new season❤❤ The greatest Barça captain😎 - - His whole speech in english is in my stories😄

FT : 2-1. FCBARCELONA won Gamper trophy by beating Arsenal. What a great goal by @luissuarez9 . I believe in him. 😁

Lionel Messi's Captain speech👇👇 - - "It's difficult to say anything after last season. But I don't regret anything and I will say the same thing. I back these players and the coaching staff we have. Together, we're going to fight to win everything." - - "Last season ended with a bitter taste, but we have to give value to La Liga, the eighth we have won in 11 years. That's important and maybe we don't give enough value to what we have done." - - "We won 8 League titles in 11 years! We do not give it the value it deserves but over the years we will see how difficult it was. This club fights for everything and this year will be no different. We have renewed dreams... Visca Barça and Visca Catalunya!" - - We believe you Messi💏

@leomessi Left out of USA tour because of Right calf injury he picked during training today. News are telling that the tackle was made by @ivanrakitic . Remember i was saying #rakiticout ?? - PC : @brfootball - - - - - #injury #sportsinjury #injurynews #fcbarcelona #ustour #usa #america #football #europe #spain #catalunya #fcbarcelona_news #fcbarcelonanews #fcbarcelona_images #blaugrana #cule #barcelonista #leomessi #Messi10 #lionelmessi10 #messifans #leomessi10 #forcabarca #viscaelbarça

Leo Messi's free kick goal🚀vs Liverpool has been voted as the UEFA goal of the season 😎 Congratulations King🤴 @leomessi

Me when I realise @fcbarcelona is back tomorrow in @laliga 😍 Here we go again... #forçabarça

Coutinho is going to be bayren player in few hours. Storng news coming from spain. There's mixed feeling about him, i feel sad and happy both, sad because we wanted him so much before his arrival and happy that his career will shine again because he doesnt fit in barcelona lineups anymore😀 Good Luck Magician ❤ - - - - - - - #coutinho10 #phillipecoutinho #coutinho14 #PhilCoutinho #fcbarcelona #barca #barcelona #FCB #transferrumours #footballnews #fcbarcelonanews #laliga #bayern #bayern #spain #europe #catalunya #football #barça #cule #blaugrana

⚠️Barcelona confirmed that Suarez has same injury as Messi's. He has right calf injury same as Messi. But his recovery time span was not written in report provided on Barcelona's online handles.⚠️ Get well soon El pistolero. Im really worried about barça this season and laliga. Leo Messi was on point when he said we do not recognize the importance of league which we are winning constantly. Laliga is looking difficult this year. We're gonna get tough competition in the shape of Atletico and Real Madrid. Let's hope for the best. FORÇA BARÇA🔵🔴 - - - - - - - #laliga #LaLigaSantander #spainishleague #europeanfootball #europe #spain #barcelona #catalunya #fcbarcelona #fcbarcelona_news #fcbarcelonaacademy #fcbarcelonatv #fcbarcelona_images #luissuarezfans #suarez #luissuarez9 #injurynews #messi #leomessi #leomessi10 #FIFA #uefa

FT: ATHLETIC 1-0 Barça ⚽️from Artiz. I don't know if we're making another Coutinho or not in the shape of grizi.😶 Lets not already doubt griezmann but mannn.. I really counted on him to be leader in the absence of Messi. Today Barça lacked a leader, a figure to follow on the pitch. We were absolutely direction less on the field. What a great game from rafinha, He really was the difference today, guy is amazing. Lets hope for the best, Forever as always #ForçaBarça - - - - - - #fcbarcelona #fcbarcelona_news #fcbarcelonatv #fcbarcelona_images #Griezmann #pique #rafinha #sanmames #athleticbilbao #spain #barcelona #europe #football #soccer #blaugrana #barcelonista #cule #forçabarça #viscaelbarça #LaLigaSantander #messi #leomessi #laliga

Pep Segura is sacked by club🙌 Congrats to All La Masia Lovers😁🎯

#OTD in 2003 Ronaldinho joined Barça 😍 What an absolute legacy he left behind. He made alot of folks fall in love with the beautiful game❤ The most skillful player I've seen 🙌 - - In his time at Camp Nou: 🎯207 official games 🎯130W, 43D, 34L 🥅94 goals ⚽️62 assists 🏅2x Ballon d’or 🏅1x UCL 🏅2x La Liga - - ❗It's exactly 16 years since he signed for FC Barcelona, one of the greatest days in the history of the club. The most skillful footballer to ever grace the game? ❗

⚠️Barcelona offer PSG €100m plus TWO players for Neymar (Sky Germany)⚠️ - - ❌The La Liga club have given PSG a list of six players that could be included in the deal, including Philippe Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele, Ivan Rakitic, Nelson Semedo, and Malcom.❌ - - ✖ I hope the two players which are offered by @fcbarcelona to @psg are Coutinho and RakiShitt. Because midfield is already saturated with 9 players out of which most are guaranteed starters. So we need to offload both and RakiShitt and Coutinho. And yeah Rafinha too. ✖If Barça traded Dembele for Neymar, then it will be the biggest fuckery of all time 😡🙌

You cant imagine the level of my happiness😍😎 Welcome back Legend🤩⚽️ @victorvaldesteam😎 - - ⚠️OFFICIAL: Legend keeper Valdes returns to Barca as coach of Juvenil A side🔵🔴 - - ⚠️Official: Victor Valdes returns to Barcelona. The former goalkeeper has signed a contract to become the coach of the club's Juvenil A side. The duration of the contract is two seasons, plus another season optional.🔵🔴

You know what this is ? Lemme tell you. Its the death certificate of barça style which made us FCBARCELONA today, which made us unique, which made us what we are today. - - This is the signing expenditures of our club in last 5 years. Really pathetic. It's not our trend to buy stars because we create them. Valdes, Messi, Xavi, puyol, Iniesta, pique, busquets these names are the evidence that we produced Stars. But over the years, La Masia is losing its significance in Barça's first team. Its really really painful to watch. As legends like Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol are retired in the past 6 to 7 years. Our expenditures are dramatically raised. Its a point to think upon. It's really painful to see that Xavi Simmons (Masia wonderkid) has not recieved contract renewal from Barça. Its painful to watch TakeFusa Kubo (Former Masia wonderkid who was predicted and destined to be next Messi) joining Real Madrid because Barça thought he was way too expensive. There's alot of more cases like this. Its a matter of great worry. - - It really make me feel sick when I think what will happen when Messi, Pique, busquets will hang their boots. Club will collapse economically and titles would be like dreams. This future disaster can be avoided by giving Masia confidence and first team places again.

❌Sport front page revealed some words about De Jong's interview. Barca new boy willing to play with Neymar and more: ❌Sport's interview with De Jong: "I would like to play with Neymar" - - ❌De Jong: "I want to be a starter and a key player for this team" - - ❌De Jong: "It would be very big to win my first Champions League with Barca"

One more kid who was destined to take over the throne at camp nou has left the club today. Its the dark day at La Masia. Xavi simmons was the name. Although he was only 16 but he was already appreciated and recognised by alot of barça fans. Everyone of us wanted him to play at Camp Nou one day. - - Unfortunately he left because our bullshitt fucking board was not willing to pay him as much his Juvenile B teammates were earning. Club also didnt offer him contract renewel because personal terms weren't agreed between two parties yet. P.S Mino Raiola is his agent. PATHETIC. - - He is set to leave for PSG probably. Personally, its one more huge loss after missing Takefusa Kubo who is blowing up Madrid training grounds and taking experienced footballers back to school in Real madrid Shirt. Our club is making alot of big mistakes which are going to cost us future. The coming years seem to be very dark. I hope @fcbarcelona dont do this with Riqui Puig. - - Now And Always : Força barça💓💓

No words.

Wow. One more huge news from a reliable source.

#OTD in 2008. Messi wore No.10 shirt for the very first time in a pre season match. The rest is History. 😍🙌🙌🙌💓

❌❌OFFICIAL: Atletico reject Barcelona's delayed payment for Griezmann. - ❌❌The club have released a statement saying Barcelona met the player during a crucial spell in their season and have rejected a proposed late payment for the player. - ❌❌the statement reads. "In the days following this meeting, Atletico Madrid became aware that Barcelona and Griezmann had reached an agreement in March, specifically, in the days following the loss to Juventus in the Champions League." - ❌❌Atletico rejected that request from Barcelona for the postponment of the payment of Griezmann and say that they responded negatively because of the lack of respect Griezmann has shown to the club and the club's fans during the whole affair.

Beinvenido Griezmann 😎 Welcome Griezmann 😎 Força Barça 🔵🔴 #enjoygriezmann